Club Tournament BCCTT

The Club has started an internal tournament, with the Buccaneers, Bandits, Bishops and Bulldogs competing and honing their chess skills. 

You will find all results posted on LMS as the matches are played under BCCTT.

Buccaneers vs Bandits

Wed 31st August 2022

Result 2:2 

Great match between the Buccaneers and Bandits! On board 1 Femi slightly overextended in the opening and had to rescue his knight for the cost of a pawn and pieces exchanged off the board. He advanced his king forward aggressively in the endgame but unfortunately walked into a mating net. James was up a pawn from the opening from what I saw and then later I looked and he was up a bishop in the endgame and converted for the win. Stefan won the exchange and a couple of pawns early on in the middle game and then made sure not to blunder a back rank mate, good job. This became up a full piece and he converted confidently. Finally Peter won a piece and then converted this into a victory. Well done to everyone who played. 4 wins and yet the match was a draw 2-2.