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IMPORTANT NOTICE (updated 23.07.20)

Bournemouth Chess Club members are currently playing on the online chess site Lichess on a Tuesday evening from 7pm. All are welcomed to join and please do contact the club and we will get you set up with an opponent.

Unfortunately due to government regulations on indoor sports we are currently unable to resume our sessions at the Winton Liberal Club. As and when this situation changes we will let you know.


Welcome to the Bournemouth Chess Club.

If you want to polish up your game, spend an afternoon discussing opening gambits, or are a complete beginner, we are the club for you.

We meet at the Winton Liberal Club on a Tuesday evening 7-11pm. (sessions currently suspended)

The Winton Liberal club offers our players spacious surroundings, nearby parking, a central Bournemouth location and access to a bar for refreshments.

We currently have three teams which compete in the Bournemouth and District Chess League B&DCL, but we are actively looking for new members to form new teams. Places are available for league matches, so sign up now. (league matches suspended)

Do Get in Touch today, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Winton Liberal Club
521 Wimborne Road
Winton BH9 2AW

Find them on Facebook: @wintonlib

Winton Liberal Club