Club Tournament BCCTT

Bishops vs Bulldogs

Wed 31 August 2023

Result: 1.5 : 1.5

Unfortunately for the first round we were not able to man all the boards, though with more availability in September this should be resolved moving forward. Additionally Tony was down to play Azhar, but since Azhar didn't turn up, this was an automatic win for Tony - he was slightly disappointed, but I believe he went home to watch the champions league, so it could have been worse! Please make sure if you are down to play to please show up, it saved me a headache, though I know mistakes happen. Back to the chess.

Paul Jackson seemed to quickly dispatch Paul Errington, so I think there must have been a quick blunder. It was a tough matchup for Paul, so hopefully he can bounce back next round against a lower rated player.

The final game was to decide the match outcome. Andrew was up a pawn in the opening but Kieron fought back well and once the game liquidated down both sides had only a pawn a rook and a king each. Kieron offered the draw and it was accepted. Good result for Kieron as Andrew is a very tricky opponent.

This meant the match was a tie. Well played everyone in round 1!