Match Report: New Milton B vs Bournemouth B

29th March 2022

Division 3 Result: 2:2

Match two with New Milton B we had the same players on each board as previous week. Steve managed to win an exchange but was down a pawn in the endgame and in the end they agreed to a draw since both players were running low on time. Daniel on board 2 had a closed game and then opened it up when he really shouldn’t have! He was losing quite badly but thankfully wriggled long enough that his opponent began to fall very low on time so agreed a draw. Rob on board 3 an interesting tactical looking game that was very unclear for large parts of it, though he ended up losing in the end. Finally Femi on board 4 had a low rated opponent which he swiftly blasted off the board with dynamic play.  So two matches, two draws but a solid result that shows we are hard to beat!

Daniel Miles, Captain