Match Report: Poole B vs Bournemouth A

Poole B vs Bournemouth A

Thursday 2nd December 2021

Division 2 Result: 2:2

It was indeed a busy Poole Club evening! In addition to our match Poole B - Bournemouth A, there was also a Bacchus match taking place, in the Playing Room, with about 4/5 spectators watching the games, some of whom couldn't help talking on occasion, not really surprising there was some shhh-ing going on!

The match had a wonderfully complicated sacrificial game on Board 1, where it was extremely difficult for Ritchie and Dennis to calculate all the lines within in the tight time control. Both players had "wins" at various stages of their journey through the complications, congratulations to Richie!

Boards 2 and 3 were hard fought draws, and with only the Board 4 game remaining, Paolo "saved our evening out" with some deft positional play, clinching a win in the closing stages of his game with Simon.

A worthy drawn match, and a good night's chess for all concerned!

John Torrance 

An important match for our A team playing  in Divison 2. Although outgraded they achieved an excellent drawn match against Poole, who had won every game so far. I should like to make special mention of John's game against Fuller, a key draw result against a high graded player who has played most of his chess for Poole club in their first team. All our players played very well on the night, but for me John was man of the match. 

Chairman Paul Errington