Match Report: A Team v Southbourne B

Bournemouth A v Southbourne B
19 October 2021
Home result 2.5 : 1.5

Bournemouth A Team success !

The Bournemouth A Team won their first, Division 2 League match of  Season 2021/22, against Southborne B last night; edging past a strong Southborne Team by the score of 2.5 -  1.5 points.

The result hinged on the final two games to finish, where  Paul - the Swindler - 😇 Errington, on Board 4, won in dramatic fashion  and Dennis Stokes-Carter on Board 1,  a pawn down, secured the draw from a complicated position. These results added to Thorsten Meyer's nice win on Board 3, sealed  a good victory in a hard fought match. 

All this played out under our new lighting improvements (many thanks to Joe Fearnhead !). Yep, it  was a  bright night, especially for " Swindler  Errington"  who played on full intensity, delivering the  finishing swindle with a burst of energy; in a truly light-bulb moment.

John Torrance, Team Captain