Internal ECF Ratings Tournament this Autumn

Internal ECF Ratings Tournament

The club intends to run an INTERNAL AUTUMN - ECF RATED TOURNAMENT, in order to get its unrated members an ECF rating as quickly as possible. This event will consist of 5 rounds held on Wednesday evenings, held throughout October to mid December 2021. The preference is for two or more similar sections, depending upon the number of entrants, or one larger Swiss system tournament.  

Entry requirements:

* Registered Bournemouth Chess Club member

* Winton Liberal Club member

* ECF Bronze member (minimum)

Proof of these memberships must be provided before entries are accepted. 

The proposed dates are: 

All Wednesdays: October 20th and 27th. 

November 3rd, 17th and 24th. 

December 1st and 8th. 

This gives some flexibility with the above 7 dates to complete the 5 rounds. 

Entries to: Entries will close on MONDAY 18TH OCTOBER, 13:00 hours. No late entries will be accepted after this date.