Club Round Robin Online Tournament

Round Robin Tournament Notice

1. The tournament will begin on September 1st and will be played on Lichess online chess site in the friendly mode.

2. Winner with a prize of £20

3. Prize of £10 for the second, £5 for the third and a grading prize of £5 for the best performance by a player graded under 110.

4. Entry fee £3.

5. Closing date for entries end of August 2020.

6. Only BCC members eligible to apply.

7. Games will not be graded.

8. Players will have two weeks to complete their games.

9. The point system will be 1 point for a win and a half point for a draw.

10. Time control 1 hour each player with no increments.

11. Game moves to be recorded.

12. No Byes.

13. Once the players have played please can results be emailed to Stephen Bolton

14. Check in with the website to see next round pairings.