NEW Club Tournament

Club Swiss Tournament (tournament on hold as of 16.03.20, until further notice) 

1. Four rounds to be played over the four months April to July.
2. Winner to be club champion with a trophy and a prize of £25.
3. Prize of £15 for the runner-up and a grading prize of £10 for the best performance by a player graded under 110.
4. Entry fee £4.
5. Closing date for entries Tuesday 24 March 2020.
6. Only BCC members eligible to play.
7. Games will be graded.
8. January 2020 grades to be used.
9. Games must be completed by the last day of each month or they will be defaulted.
10. Results to Roy: 07711 299751 or Paul Errington.
11. Opponent contact details can be obtained from Paul, Simon or Roy if needed.
12. Next round pairings will be posted on the club notice board as soon after results are known as possible. I may email the pairing notice to players for whom I have an email address.
13. Time control 1 hour with 30sec increments using a digital clock.
14. Game moves to be recorded.
15. No Byes.
16. Buchholtz tie-breaker