Important Club Notice

Bournemouth Chess Club
Wednesday 11th December 2019

An important message concerning League matches. A weeks notice is necessary for any absentee players from matches. This is to ensure we are always able to field a full team against other local clubs.

Exciting news, is that we are starting a Club Tournament in 2020, which will be graded. More details to follow.

On the subject of membership, all existing members please visit the Winton Liberal Club in the New Year to renew their membership to the venue. There is a form to be completed, which is located in the main hall, plus a £25 annual fee.

Finally we welcome all members and guests on our club party night to drive forward our club into a successful New Year. Looking forward to seeing you all there on Tuesday 17th November from 7.15pm.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Chairman, Paul Errington