Match Report: Wimborne E vs Bournemouth B

Away Game: Wimborne E vs Bournemouth B
Wednesday 9th October 2019
Division 4 Result  2.5 : 1.5

We unfortunately narrowly lost our away match at Wimborne last Wednesday.

Roy Egginton, Captain

I played for B Team and was beaten by a new player for their club who deserves his win. I look forward to a return match as all the other games were drawn. I hope to assist them in the next match with a more favourable result.

Paul Errington, Chairman

Individual Results

Wimborne Players Score Bournemouth Players
 Wallace, Phil ½ - ½  Alderton, Andrew M
 Young, Simon 1 - 0  Errington, Paul T
 Fox, C James ½ - ½  Egginton, Roy
 Davidson, Michael N ½ - ½  Errington, Simon