Club League Teams 2019-20

Bournemouth Chess Club has three teams playing in the Bournemouth & Dorset Chess League (B&DCL) for the season 2019-20.

A Team - Division 2 B&DCL

Martin O'Neill 171
Phil Sorensen 133
Paul A Jackson 132
Stephen Bolton 140L
Paul Errington - Team Captain

B Team - Division 4 B&DCL
Paul Errington 117
Andrew M Alderton 123
Simon Errington 104
Satindar Singh Bedi 107L
Roy Egginton 110 - Team Captain

C Team - Division 5 B&DCL
Paul A Bland 114
Satindar Singh Bedi 107L
John Harrison 82
Febby Chauvel 61
John Szczepaniak 60L
Derek Jones 58 - Team Captain

There are opportunities for chess beginners to take part in the friendly Bacchus League. The aim is to offer graded league conditions matches for players who do not normally get the opportunity to play in league matches, or are new to more competitive chess. So get in touch if you are interested.