Club Moving to Winton Liberal Club

It is official, the Bournemouth Chess Club will be moving to Winton Liberal Club. Our Chairman Paul would like to thank two chess colleagues for their considerable help with this project. Martin Simons for the initial suggestion of the Winton Liberal Club and also Eric Sachs for all his support setting up all the arrangements. Paul commends Eric for his, 'valued business acumen'.

The Winton Liberal club will offer our players more spacious surroundings, parking, a more central Bournemouth location and access to a bar for refreshments. Club evenings will be on Tuesdays from 7pm to 11pm. Please note our new season will start earlier than usual, on Tuesday evening 2nd July 2019.

With this more central location and Tuesday evening club nights we are looking to strengthen our teams in the Bournemouth & Dorset Chess League. We will have teams in B&DCL 2 and 4 next season, but we would also like to enter B&DCL 5 and again have a Bacchus team for emerging players new to league chess.

So if you are interested in joining, we welcome all standards of players. Please contact our Chairman Paul Errington on 07769 829891.

Winton Liberal Club
521 Wimborne Road
Winton BH9 2AW

Find them on Facebook: @wintonlib