Match Report: Southbourne C vs Bournemouth B

Away Game: Southbourne C vs Bournemouth B
Friday 24th May 2019
Division 3 Result: 3:1

Our last match of the season which we unfortunately lost. We should do better next season in Division 4. Mention must be made of John Harrison's first match out of the Bacchus league on board 4, where he played well for a long time, being the last to finish and was winning at one point.

Team Captain, Roy Egginton

Individual Results

Southbourne Players Score Bournemouth Players
 Litchfield, Michael J ½ - ½  Errington, Paul T
 Bryant, David 1 - 0  Alderton, Andrew M
 Harris, John E ½ - ½  Egginton, Roy
 Lane, Chris D 1 - 0  Harrison, John