Bournemouth vs Poole Bishops

Home Game: Bournemouth vs Poole Bishops
Tuesday 9th April 2019
Bacchus East Result  1.5: 2.5

Simon is doing a great job in promoting our new members, who have been joining the club over last few months. This match allowed them to experience competitive chess for first time. In this match the Juniors proved too strong for our beginners. If it wasn't for John on board 1 our loss would have been greater. I personally know how strong James Doyle is, having played him in the Rapid Play Tournament in Ringwood a few month ago. He's not Bournemouth Junior Champion for nothing. So John did really well in this game. As our newest member he showed great resolve to draw his game. This team might not be our strongest squad, but it's our success story of this season.

Chairman, Paul Errington

Individual Results

Bournemouth Players Score Poole Bishops' Players
 Harrison, John 1 - 0  Doyle, Jamie
 Jones, Derek 0 - 1  Wyatt, Felix
 Chauvel, Febby 0 - 1  Leggatt, Josh
 Szczepaniak, John ½ - ½  Bozic, Jack