Match Report: Bournemouth B vs Bournemouth A

Home Game: Bournemouth B vs Bournemouth A
Tuesday 12th December 2017
Division 2 Result: 1.5 : 2.5

A very good match with the B team gaining the lead early when, in a shock result, Andrew beat John on board 3. The A team quickly levelled the match, when Paul J beat Phil. Tony then showed his talent when he beat Ivan on board 1.  All rested on my game with Roy on board 4. An exciting game which Roy got the upper-hand with the white pieces. He was very unlucky not to have scored a win here, which would have drawn the match. We play again on 9 January and I predict an even closer contest.

Captain A Team, Paul Errington

Individual Results

Bournemouth B Score Bournemouth A
Willis, Ivan (144) 0 - 1 Lima, Antal (152)
Sorensen, Phil (137) 0 - 1 Jackson, Paul (139)
Alderton, Andrew (122) 1 - 0 Oldfield, John A (137)
Egginton, Roy (121) 0.5 - 0.5 Errington, Paul (121)