Match Report: Bournemouth B vs Ringwood B

Home Game: Bournemouth B vs Ringwood B
Tuesday 6th December 2016
Result: 2:2

Good result, as this keeps us at the top of Division 3. Paul J was still hung over from playing in Dorset Open and quite surprisingly several pieces down in the opening game, this left Jessi to play his best game for the club. He was man of the match showing real class in this performance. Lastly solid games by the Errington brothers, made this another good team effort   We play Poole club next week and will try to keep up good work

Paul Errington, Deputy Captain

Individual Reports

Bournemouth Player Score Ringwood Player
Jackson, Paul (130) 0 - 1 Donaldson, Peter (139)
Errington, Paul (122) 0.5 - 0.5 Davenport, Rob (128)
Manrique, Jesse (125E) 1 - 0 Jay, Michael (122)
Errington, Simon (102) 0.5 - 0.5 Sturmey, Darrell (109)