Match Report: Bournemouth B vs Highcliffe B

Home Game: Bournemouth B vs Highcliffe B

Tuesday 8th November 2016
Result 2.5 : 1.5

After losing to Highcliffe A in October, we had good win against their B team. Our board 3 and 4 the results were very good. Jesse showed his experience, not risking going for win, and his half point secured the match win. Paul J had a solid win against Ron Salenger, who he only drew against in A team match. Andrew showed his style of play means his opponent always takes on a dangerous challenge. We look forward to the Wimborne match next Tuesday.

Paul Errington, Deputy Captain

Individual Results

Bournemouth Player Score Highcliffe Player
Jackson, Paul (130) 1 - 0 Salinger, Ron (113)
Errington, Paul (122) 0 - 1 Van Heeckeren, Jan (114)
Manrique, Jesse (125E) 0.5 - 0.5 Ursell, Adam (94)
Alderton, Andrew (114) 1 - 0 Tew, Michael (86)