Match Report: Southbourne E vs Bournemouth B

Away Game: Southbourne E vs Bournemouth B

Friday 14th October 2016
Result 1:3

Steve played a good solid game and took a draw. I lost to his opponent, Chris Lane, in the Two Towns Match. We then won on boards 2 & 3, justifying our higher grades. Simon finished off a good evening for the Club with a draw against Martin - both players played well.

Paul Errington, Deputy Captain

Individual Results

Southbourne PlayerScoreBournemouth Player
Lane, Chris D (115)0.5 - 0.5Crisp, Steve (132)
Dixon, Ken (115)0 - 1Jackson, Paul (130)
Purry, Nigel (91)0 - 1Errington, Paul (122)
Buse, Martin (102)0.5 - 0.5Errington, Simon (102)