Match Report: Bournemouth A vs Poole B

Home Game: Bournemouth A vs Poole B

Tuesday 27th September 2016
Result 2:2

I am pleased with the start to the chess season. A Draw was a fair result, following a hard fought match. Eddy and John lost, but can win in Division 2 with more practice. Michael gave a really strong performance and deserved the win. Ivan showed experience and overcame an opponent with a good game. We need to play better in the second Match in October, but I am feeling optimistic.

Paul Errington Captain

Individual Results

Bournemouth Player Score Poole Player
Duggan, Michael (180) 1 - 0 Miller, Toby WB (154)
Barker, Eddie (150E) 0 - 1 Makawitage, Sandu (149)
Oldfield, John A (140) 0 - 1 Makawitage, Hiru (158)
Willis, Ivan (138) 1 - 0 Fox, Simon (132)